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Len() Function

Previously, we have discussed two funtions Len() and DataLenght() Len and DataLength function. Today i want to let you know about len() function. We already know that len() function is used to get the length of a string. Len() funtion always trim blank spaces in the end of string. Now let see below T-sql code. […]

Len and DataLength function

In sql server, we have two functions for count the length of variables 1. Len :- This function shows length of variable. 2. DataLength :- This function shows number of bytes used to store a variable. In below example, i have created few variables. This T-Sql code shows difference between Len() and DataLength() functions for […]

Load XML- For Multiple

In previous post Load XML- For Single, we discuss how to load XML data in SQL server. it was for load single node data in SQL server. Please read Load XML- For Single before go-ahead. Today, we are going to load XML for multiple nodes. check the below T-Sql code. Here, every product is having […]

Load XML- For Single

Now days, XML play a important role in programming environment. most of programmers likes to transger data through XML. XML is cross platform language, so its used widely for transfer data from different applications. We can store XML data in SQL Server in many way. Here, i try to show eaistet way (according to me) to load the XML […]

Convert – Integer To String

In below example, i am trying to convert a integer value in different string format. Please check below statements.

Statement 1 and 3 will give output as “123456789″. But Statement 2 give output as “*” And Statement 4 give below error

Whenever we try to convert any number data type (int, float, money, […]

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